Circle Time Preschool and Childcare
1364 Washington Avenue
Portland, ME 04103
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Each child is an individual. We, here at Circle Time Preschool and Childcare, feel that meeting each child's needs is essential for growth. We are sensitive to a child's social, emotional, intellectual, and physical needs. Circle Time provides a literature based program through constant exposure to books, poems, songs and the written language. We also offer opportunities for children to explore, create, play and succeed with the use of activity centers, each with a different focus, such as art, science, and dramatic play areas.

Children have different learning styles and pass through the stages at different times. Our multi-level center provides children with the opportunities to develop concrete thinking and social skills as well as to create a positive self image.

Learning is an active process. Children learn through repeated exposure, role modeling, and the opportunity to apply and practice what they have learned. The use of hands-on experiences allows children to manipulate and investigate their surroundings. Using hands-on and manipulative materials in the classroom provides children with the opportunity to explore and create their own method of learning.

Our role, as educators, is to be a dynamic link between the children and the classroom and to create an environment which allows children to:

-Be successful
-Develop a positive self esteem
-Grow through decision making
-Create the skills and knowledge necessary to interact with others
-Relate their skills to their day-to-day experiences
-Establish a love for learning

As teachers we present concrete models and experiences to help children visualize an idea or concept. We use the classroom environment to build communication skills, develop creative thinking, teach problem solving and develop use of judgment. Through the learning process, education prepares the children socially, emotionally and mentally for the challenges of life.

Circle Time Preschool and Childcare's mission is to enrich the quality of family life by providing peace of mind to parents
and by enhancing the life experiences of the children in our care.